Zack and Thomas Eller
have raised $15,000.00 for homeless pets.
That’s $105,000.00 in dog money!

Hurricane Dorian displaced many pets.  
A pet supply drive was done by Zack and he delivered the supplies to one of the receiving shelters located in Raleigh, NC.

Zack recently sponsored a pet through Caitlin's Vine of Bravery.  This wonderful organization takes in animals that require surgery and medical care. Please think about sponsoring a pet and helping the abandoned animals that need it the most. 

October 17th is
"Zack and Thomas Eller
Adopt A Shelter Pet Day"
in the City of Milton.
 Please visit your local shelter
on this day and adopt a pet. Thank you!

"Winning national, state and local awards for
our community service has been validating,
but the true satisfaction comes
when others get inspired 
by our work.  The strength of our communities
and the vitality of our country
depends upon the service of all of us."
  Zack Eller 










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